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Welcome to our Common Questions Page!  Below are some common Questions and Answers about Tattoos and Piercings.

Q: I've heard that there are certain things that I shouldn't drink before having a tattoo done, what are they?

A: We recommend that you do not drink alcoholic beverages or anything with caffeine (coffee, sodas) before having tattoo work done.  Alcohol and caffeine can cause more bleeding.  The more you bleed, the more difficult it will be for US to do our work.



Q: Is there a problem with soaking in hot water after having a tattoo done?


A: You should avoid spas, saunas, and hot tubs and pools for the first 10 days-3 weeks after having a tattoo done during the healing process.  You should also avoid staying in your bathtub for prolonged periods of time.


Q: Can I sunbathe after getting my tattoo?


A: We recommend that you avoid exposing your tattoo to sun or tanning bed light while it is healing.  Even after healing, frequent exposure to sunlight or UV rays can fade a tattoo slightly.


Q: Does getting a tattoo hurt?

A: In getting a tattoo, you are essentially having a very small needle repeatedly inserted into your skin.  So, yes, this can cause an unpleasant feeling, yet some people are bothered much less by it than others.  Another factor deals with where your tattoo is being done, as certain parts of your body are more sensitive than others.  The main idea is this: the more relaxed you are the less you will feel.


Q: I noticed that you do "autoclave sterilization".  What exactly is this?

A: In layman terms, autoclave sterilization is the way in which we have our instruments prepared for use.  All items sterilized in this manner are exposed to steam under pressure which kill all spores and microscopic organisms.  The same treatment is the only one used across every hospital across America in sterilizing their instruments.


Q: I have a dark complexion, will a tattoo look good on me?

A: Tattoos can be created on skin of practically every shade, yet its safe to say that the darker the skin being tattooed on, the duller certain colors will appear.  Certain colors will stand out better than others on dark skin, be sure to check with one of us here at Concrete Ink Tattoo or the artist that will be doing your tattoo in advance to get a better idea of how yours will appear.

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